As the automotive market in developed countries is maturing and shrinking, but on the other hand, expanding in emerging economies, the market needs in this industry are getting increasingly diverse and complex. While there is no doubt that demand for new, clean-energy cars such HVs/PHVs and EVs is expected to increase, automobile companies also need to address the emerging markets’ growing demand for low-cost, conventional vehicles.

To align with these market developments, the global automotive industry is urged to implement product strategies and sales initiatives that respond to such needs, and to realize an optimized, responsive. In this context, more and more automobile manufacturers are pursuing strategic alliances with their peers, and intensifying partnerships and networks with their component suppliers on a global scale.

Exposed to such new market dynamics, NTT DATA and Qunie helps companies to reassess their competitive edge and business opportunities, to design the best solution possible for its business transformation, and to restructure and implement a framework that supports swift and aggressive business expansions.