Nowadays, Businesses must be able to gain an insight and understand the value of the request data systemization in order to save time and accelerate the business performance by applying the workflow.

In this exponentially globalizing industry, the importance of delivering customers the best possible components and product specifications is increasing than ever, and the challenges the assembly industry is facing in this context are wide-ranging.

Companies need to be able to take highly sophisticated, quick decisions to improve sourcing and manufacturing excellence, and to optimize their sales channel network and that of their partners. In response to such challenges, there is an increasing trend of mergers and acquisitions or strategic alliances between companies that have different business portfolios or characteristics, both domestically and abroad.

There is no standardized solution for players in this market, given its diverse characteristics inherent to this industry, such as its high proportion of B2B transactions, long history of globalization, and different corporate cultures resulting in different approaches/mindsets towards design and production operations.

NTT DATA Thailand, with its extensive and in-depth industry experience and demonstrated track records, delivers tailor-made solutions unique to each specific business challenge of our clients in the precision/optical equipment, heavy industry machinery, industrial equipment, shipbuilding, or other similar sectors. We can help you unlock this business value from mountains of data with M-Series is a Web package solution that organizes all internal applications required to submit/approve/review by using Workflow. This solution aims to improve company compliance as well as business efficiency.