More and more customers review traditional IT environments where individual optimization was pursued and strive for the establishment of a common system platform independent of applications.

The present environment where IT investment is being reduced offers a major opportunity to review the underlying system platform and to clarify a grand design for the future. An excellent system platform can support a flexible and extensible IT environment, including constantly reduced IT costs, extension of IT to support group management due to M&A, and global extensions for developing overseas markets.

State-of-the-art technologies of virtualization, SaaS, and cloud computing should be actively introduced into your system platform.

The intra-mart framework is a proven technology offering remarkable expertise and has been implemented by more than 4,800 companies inside and outside of Japan as a common system platform.

NTT DATA Thailand provides the intra-mart platform solution with additional service to our client to utilize our intra-mart solution to client organization such as installation & setup, professional training service, electronic form development and etc. we also support our client as a support to serve client operation for more flexible and efficiency using workflow, form, portal, security, etc.