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M-series is a proven package solution series in Business process management based on intra-mart, which has NO.1 market share as workflow system.

Realize the standardization of business by workflow. Consolidate scattered data, and strongly support Sales Management from various angles.

Improve the communication y visualization of purchasing process, and solve business issues without changing current business process.

Enhancing Attendance Operation Management with Powerful Workflow while compliance to company's rules & regulation. Information Seamless to external Devices & Systems.

In company, most important resource is "Human resource". i-Talent centralize information of skill, experience, etc. of each employee and support human development for enhancing operation.


Improve efficiency/accuracy of office work, by visualizing processes through computerization of internal request/ approval work. And realize paper-less by workflow.

Facilitate collaboration among the all stakeholders by sharing information on one groupware and social platform.

Document Management Solution that cooperates with workflow and keeps documents secure by flexible access authority control.


This solution support simple logical inventory management. This solution should be integrated with i-Procurement to support receiving process, and i-Sales to support stock allowance/shipment process.